2018 Attendee Registration Information and Fees

Registration Category Full Symposium One Day
Active Duty Military* $450 $300
Reserve or National Guard* $450 $300
Government Civilian/Employee* $450 $300
Non-government Civilian** $650 $435
Contractor** $650 $435

* Requires a valid US government-issued CAC card (white card with chip, no colored stripe), or foreign military/government equivalent when picking up your badge.
** Requires a government issued ID (CAC card with green or blue stripe, Drivers License, Passport, etc.) when picking up your badge.

If an individual is deemed ineligible for their selected rate, the category and fee will be adjusted. A badge will not be released without payment in full.

Exhibitors – Exhibitors are allocated 2 complimentary full attendance badges with their signed contract for space. Go to the Exhibitor Dashboard to submit badge names. To apply for booth space, complete an application.

Register and Pay with Credit Card
Individual and Small Group (less than 5)

  1. Click on the “Register Now” button below then “Register with Direct Payment”.
  2. Select the appropriate registration category and proceed.
  3. Review registration information and submit payment (American Express, Visa or MasterCard).
  4. Verify email for payment receipt and forward a copy to the payer as appropriate.

Please note, changing credit cards will incur a $50 administration fee. Please be sure to pay with the correct credit card.

Register with Token
Authorized USAF, USN and Large Groups (over 5)

  1. Obtain a payment token from the person or command paying for registration (see below).
  2. Click on the button below to Register Now, then “Register with Token”.
  3. Select the appropriate registration category and proceed.
  4. Verify email for payment receipt and forward a copy to the payer as appropriate.
  5. A registration confirmation/receipt will arrive via email within a few minutes of submission.

How to Apply for a Token

  1. To be used only for Commands and agencies paying for 5 or more individuals. (If paying for less than 5, individuals are to submit registrations with credit card).
  2. To obtain a token, contact the MHSRS Payment Center with the number of people to be covered by the token.
  3. Upon issuance, distribute the token to authorized individuals along with instructions (provided with token).

Pay for an Existing Registration

  1. Click on the link to register
  2. Select “Submit Payment for an Existing Registration”
  3. Enter registrant’s confirmation number and last name
  4. Submit credit card information and email for receipt

Note, the registrant will also get a copy of the receipt/confirmation on submission

Service Specific Instructions

US Army – Register directly with government credit card payment.
US Navy/Marine Corps – Register with token issued by command. Forward registration ID and last name to the appropriate Training Officer for payment.
US Air Force – Register for a quota and token on the AFMS Kx web site. Please contact usaf.pentagon.af-sg.mbx.afms-symposium@mail.mil for information.

Symposium Meals

Meals are for registered attendees only. Breakfast will be from 0630 – 0830 Monday – Thursday. Lunch will be from 1130 – 1330 on Monday and 1130 – 1300 on Tuesday – Thursday. All meals will be served in Florida Exhibit Hall A-B – Lower Level.

Dinner will be served on Monday as part of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) Reception in the Florida Exhibit Hall (Hall D-F – Lower Level) on the first level of the Gaylord Palms Convention Center.

Note: Military and GS Employees — Nine meals are paid for as part of the MHSRS registration fee. These are: breakfast, lunch and dinner on Day 1, and breakfast and lunch on Days 2-4. Do not claim per diem for these meals.


Submit changes through the link in the email confirmation/receipt or by clicking on the option to “Update Existing Registration” on the main registration page.

If a change of payment is required, the original registrant will be canceled with a $50 administrative fee and the new registrant will be processed at the prevailing rate.

Cancellations and Refunds

Registrants who are unable to attend may substitute another person. In the event no substitution can be made, a full refund will be issued minus a $50 processing fee through 31 July. Requests received after 31 July as well as paid registrants who fail to send a substitute or do not attend the conference forfeit their entire registration fee.


Symposium Registration/Payment processing: MHSRS Registration Center at MHSRS2018@anidealpartner.com or 410.467.9234 (9am-6pm Eastern).