Poster Schedule Information

2018 MHSRS Poster Sessions

There will be two, all day poster session at the 2018 MHSRS. Refer to your acceptance letter for the topic area under which your poster was accepted. This topic area may be different than the area you submitted to, pending the decisions of the Session Review committees.

Each poster session will feature posters from different topic areas. Poster authors are asked to stand at their posters during the presenter time listed below.

Please upload posters in a pdf format. Recommended submission date by Friday, August 3.

Poster Session #1 – Tuesday, 21 August from 1000-1600

Poster set up: 0900-0945
Presenter time: 1000-1200
Poster Take-down: by 1630

Poster Session #2 – Wednesday, 22 August from 1000-1600

Poster set up: 0900-0945
Presenter time: 1000-1200
Poster Take-down: by 1630

Unclaimed posters will be removed/discarded by the poster organizers at 1630.

Questions about your poster presentation? Contact:

Preparing Your Poster
  • Presenters must bring and hang their own posters at the designated times. There is no advance shipping address. The poster will NOT be printed by judges or show management.
  • Size posters to fit on boards measuring 4 feet high and 6 feet wide.
  • There is no set format for the posters.
  • Bring pins to affix the posters to the board – these will not be provided at the symposium.
  • The author/submitter is responsible for obtaining the necessary clearances related to presenting the poster prior to the symposium.
  • Professional poster presentations should be designed to maximize readability and make material readily comprehensible.
    • The title should be in a simple typeface with high contrast, sizing sub-elements (authors and affiliations) so these elements are readable from 15-20 feet away.
    • Plan for smooth information flow which will guide the reader through your presentation in a logical and interesting path. Arrows may help.
    • Integrate text and figures visually under major headings which actively convey information, not just labels.
    • Make sure any background colors are subtle, complementary, and uniform.
    • Text must be large enough to read from 4 to 6 feet away. Avoid all capitals and excessive dilution of text with white space
    • Figure and table captions should contain necessary explanation without referring to another part of your presentation. Use color in graphs and tables to enhance comprehension.
    • Use bullets to dramatize important points or lists.
  • For Department of Defense presenters, the individual presenter is responsible for obtaining the appropriate clearance from their local Public Affairs, OPSEC offices, or other organizational offices, as locally required, prior to presenting at MHSRS.
Poster Session FAQ's

1. What is the size of the poster boards? Size posters to fit on boards measuring 4 feet high and 6 feet wide.

2. How will I know my poster board number? The poster board assignment numbers will be posted on the MHSRS website within one week of the 2018 MHSRS (see below section, “Poster Board Assignments”). The board numbers are also listed in the MHSRS Program Book and posted outside of the Exhibit Hall.

3. Are all posters eligible for awards? As the MHSRS continues to grow, the Planning Committee remains committed to recognizing the accomplishments of DoD-sponsored research as presented through their posters. Given the number of posters accepted, it is not feasible for all posters to be formally judged. The MHSRS Planning Committee partners with Abstract Review Leads for each topic area to identify posters that are most deserving of consideration. This process begins with the submission of a well-written and well-constructed abstract. After submission, each abstract is reviewed and scored by a panel of subject matter experts within that topic area. For the abstracts accepted as posters, the respective Abstract Review Leads Chairs can nominate 10% of these for award consideration. Generally, these are the top scoring posters within that topic area.

In addition, multiple roving judges are assigned at each MHSRS poster session to identify additional posters that merit consideration for an award.

4. Are there additional criteria to be considered if a poster is deemed eligible for an award?
– The author’s oral discussion of their research is a significant factor in assessing the poster. The author must be available during the presenter time to discuss their poster research. If not, the poster is disqualified for consideration.
– A .pdf version of the poster must be available for review by the Award Committee making the final award decisions.

5. How many poster awards will be presented? Eleven poster awards will be presented at the awards ceremony on the last day of the MHSRS. For each poster session, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and two honorable mentions will be presented. A “Best in Show” poster will also be awarded.

6. Is there a registration discount for presenters? No, poster presenters must register and pay the published rates. Attendee registration fees can be found here.

Poster Board Assignments

Poster Session 1 Assignments: download here

Poster Session 2 Assignments: download here

How to Submit Your Poster PDF

Please include your MHSRS Abstract Number and the Topic Area (listed on your notification letter) in the file name for your slide presentation!

Please contact with any questions.