Scientific Plenary, Topic Area/Breakout Sessions, Young Investigator

For the date, time, and expected length of your presentation, refer to the posted agenda. The speaking times listed includes time for questions.

If you cannot attend the symposium/have a substitute speaker, send the information to

Substitute speakers are not allowed in the Young Investigator’s Competition.

Updated agendas will be posted periodically. Any changes to the speaking agenda must be made by 23 July 2018. Any changes made after that will not be reflected in the program guide.

Speaker Guidelines

  • There is no set format for (PowerPoint) slides accompanying the oral presentations.
  • Avoid slides with a lot of text, especially if it’s a repeat of what you’re saying out loud. We recommend not more than four bulleted items per slide.
  • Speakers should adhere to the designated speaking time listed on the agenda, which includes time for questions.
  • Speaking times will be strictly enforced.
  • Wireless presentation tools such as laser pointers will NOT be provided.
  • For Department of Defense presenters, the individual presenter is responsible for obtaining the appropriate clearance from their local Public Affairs, OPSEC offices, or other organizational offices, as locally required, prior to presenting at MHSRS.
  • Click here to read the Faculty Letter for Continuing Education for your presentation.

How to Upload Your Slide Presentation

Plenary Session and Breakout Session Presenters have access to a protected site to upload their presentations. Access can be requested below – please do not send your presentation in the request email, it must be uploaded to the protected site.

Presentations must be uploaded by August 13; presentations uploaded after August 13 run the risk of not being certified, requiring PIM to deduct the credit hours and remove that session for credit.

Please include your MHSRS Abstract Number and the Topic Area (listed on your notification letter) in the file name for your slide presentation!