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Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I obtain the MHSRS meeting approval letter?


The 2021 MHSRS approval letter is available through a link on the homepage of the MHSRS website (


What is the vendor address I can use for the SF-182?


62 Gertrude Place
Asheville, NC 28801


When does meeting registration will open?


Registration for the 2021 MHSRS opened on 20 July 2021. Please click here for more information.  


Do I register for the meeting through the MHSRS website (


No, registration is managed by the MHSRS Support Contractor, The Bridge Group. Register for the 2021 MHSRS at After the opening of registration, use this site as your “go-to” for agenda and schedule information.

After 2021 MHSRS registration opens, we will keep the MHSRS home page ( updated with the latest meeting information. However, this is NOT the meeting registration website.


What are the registration fees for 2021 MHSRS?


A CAC card holder (Active Duty Military and G.S./equivalent civilian) qualifies for the government rate of $450/person. This includes 9 meals.  Also qualifying for this registration rate are Reservists and National Guard members and non-U.S. Active Duty and government civilian employees.

For industry and all others the rate is $650/person. This includes nine meals (4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and one dinner).


Hotel & Travel

What precautions are the 2021 MHSRS meeting organizers taking for attendee health and safety?


This is our top priority. As a result, the flow of the 2021 MHSRS will be much different in past years. We will be providing more details soon on this topic.


How do I register for a hotel room at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center?


To gain access to hotel room registration at the Gaylord, you must first register for the meeting at and pay the registration fee. Once that is accomplished, you will receive an email with the link to register for a sleeping room.


What are the hotel room rates at the Gaylord?


U.S. Federal Employee/ Government Per Diem (Standard Room): $96.00

  • Federal government employees are exempt from $30/night resort fee and from local and state taxes if a Florida tax exemption form is provided at hotel check-in.

  • The $96 rate applies to U.S. Federal employees only. You must present your government CAC card for verification. This rate does not apply to state employees or non-U.S. military and civilian government employees.

All Others (Standard Room): $191.00 plus $30/night resort fee plus taxes (14.5%)

  • All room reservations will be audited on a regular basis. Ineligible attendees booking at the government rate will be automatically switched to the $191 standard room rate, if rooms are still available. If none are available, the reservation will be cancelled.


Are rental cars authorized for U.S Federal employees attending the 2021 MHSRS?


No, rental cars are not authorized.

Are there complimentary shuttles available to and from the airport?

Complimentary shuttle transportation will be provided to/from the airport to the Gaylord. If additional hotels are required, we will provide a complimentary shuttle from the airport to the overflow hotel(s). Returning home, the shuttle to the airport will leave from the Gaylord.

On the meeting days, complimentary shuttles will run from the overflow hotels to the Gaylord.  



What is the format for the poster board presenters?


The boards accommodate posters of 4 feet by 6 feet (horizontal).

Poster presenters must bring their poster with them. The organizers will not print out the posters. In addition to bringing their poster, the presenter should upload a .pdf of their poster prior to the meeting (see question below).

There is no standard template for the posters, but they should be structured as the abstract—Introduction, Materials and Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion.


How do I upload the .pdf of my poster?


Upload your .pdf through your account on the MHSRS website ( and be sure to include your MHSRS number in the title of your .pdf. To upload a .pdf, you must have been the submitter of the abstract.

Files can be uploaded at any time up to the start of the Poster Sessions on 24 August.  Note: If the poster judges designate a poster as eligible for an award, a .pdf of the poster must be available for review or the poster will be disqualified from consideration.

All presenters are responsible for obtaining organization clearance prior to releasing the .pdf to the meeting coordinators.


I was accepted for an oral presentation. What is the length of my presentation?


The Planning Committee has recommended oral presentations of 15 minutes to include questions.  Your session moderator will update you if this time varies for your presentation.


Is there a standardized slide template for oral presentations?


No, please use your organizational template. Slides should be in widescreen format (16:9).

All presentations must include a Disclaimer/Conflict of Interest slide. Contact for sample, if needed.

In late July, the MHSRS Support Contractor will send oral presenters a dedicated link for uploading their presentation slides. The submitter will be asked to create a User Name and Password. Once the account is established, use it to upload the presentation. Presentations should be uploaded by 13 August 2021 to ensure they are placed in the appropriate session in the appropriate speaking order.

Name your slide presentation as follows:

[SESSION DAY (3-letter abbreviation)]_[SESSION START TIME]_MHSRS-21-#####_[Presenter Last name].pptx. (e.g., Wed_1530_MHSRS-21-01391_Smith.pptx).

All presenters are responsible for obtaining organization clearance prior to releasing the slides to the meeting coordinators.


What is the dress code for MHSRS?

Please note: The wear of the BDU is not acceptable at the at the Symposium.

•     Active-Duty Presenters: Army Service Uniform (ASU) Class A equivalent
•      Active-Duty Non-presenters: ASU Class B (without jacket)
•      Civilian Presenters: Suit coat and tie for men; equivalent for women
•      Civilian Non-Presenters: Dress & slacks & shirt for men; equivalent for women

Navy/Marine Corps
•      Active-Duty Presenters:
•      USN: Summer Whites
•      USMC: Class "C"
•      Active-Duty Non-Presenters:
•      USN: Summer Whites
•      USMC: Class "C”
•      Civilian Presenters: Suit coat and tie for men; equivalent for women
•      Civilian Non-Presenters: Dress & slacks & shirt for men; equivalent for women

Air Force
•      Active-Duty Presenters: Service dress
•      Active-Duty Non-Presenters: Blues
•      Civilian Presenters: Suit coat and tie for men; equivalent for women
•      Civilian Non-Presenters: Dress & slacks & shirt for men; equivalent for women

Public Health Service
•      Active-Duty Presenters: Dress Blues
•      Active-Duty Non-presenters: khakis (summer wear)