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What are the dates and location for the 2024 MHSRS?

The dates and location for the 2024 MHSRS are 26-29 August at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, Kissimmee, Florida. 

Where can I obtain the MHSRS meeting approval letter?

The 2024 MHSRS approval letter is available for download (.pdf) here.

What is the vendor address and information for the SF-182?

The Bridge Group, LLC

62-1/2 Gertrude Place
Asheville, NC 28801


GSA: GS07F0185V
TIN: 54-2015405
NAICS: 561920
SBA: P0413769

When will meeting registration open?

Meeting registration opened on July 10. Additional information is available on the Registration & Lodging page.

Do I register for the meeting through the MHSRS website (

No, the MHSRS home page ( is NOT the meeting registration website. Registration is managed by the MHSRS Support Contractor, The Bridge Group. Attendees must register for the 2024 MHSRS via this website. The online registration link can be found on the Registration & Lodging page.

What are the registration fees for the 2024 MHSRS?

There are two rates: 

  • $450 per person: U.S. Active-Duty Military and G.S./equivalent civilian. This fee includes 9 meals. Also qualifying for this registration rate are Reservists and National Guard members and non-U.S. Active Duty and non-U.S. government civilian employees with the appropriate identification. One day registrations for $300 are also available.  

  • $750 per person: All others. This fee includes 9 meals. One day registrations for $450 are also available.  


All full symposium registrations include 9 meals (4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and one dinner):

  • Breakfast: Monday – Thursday

  • Lunch: Monday – Thursday

  • Dinner: Monday (reception)


Note: Government personnel using the Defense Travel System (DTS) should adjust their per diem in DTS for the meals provided.  

What is a registration token and how do I get one?

Some organizations do not allow personnel to put meeting registration fees on their GTCC or company credit card and require these fees to go through a central purchase card holder (GPC). As a result, we offer a registration token to those purchase card holders who are paying the registration fees for five or more people in their organization. For information, visit the Registration & Lodging page or contact

I am a contractor registering my boss, who is a federal government employee, for the meeting. Should I select my own CAC design to verify my status, or my boss's? 

Please select the CAC design of the person you are registering for. In this case, it would be your boss’s government CAC. In doing so, you ensure that the correct room reservation link is sent to your boss.


Last year, I tried to register for the meeting using my Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) and the charge was denied. What should I do for 2024? 

In 2022 and 2023, there were issues with the CITI card accepting the meeting’s vendor code for those registering using their GTCC. To avoid registration issues this year, please contact your credit card manager NOW to ensure that your card does not have a block on merchant code 7399 (Business Services) before registration opens. The link for hotel registration is sent only after the meeting registration fee is paid. Avoid delays in getting a hotel room by being proactive in addressing this matter as soon as possible.

What do I need to do if I need to request a refund or make changes to my registration?

  • Submit name changes and corrections through the link in your registration confirmation email or by clicking on the option to "Update an Existing Registration" on the main registration page. 

  • If a payment method is changed after the registration is processed, a $50 administrative fee will be charged to the original method of payment. This applies to credit cards, as well as payment tokens. Refunds due to cancellation will incur a $50 processing fee through 10 August 2024. After 10 August, there are no refunds for those who don’t send a substitute or don’t attend. Cancellation fees apply to all registrations whether paid by credit card or payment token. No exceptions.

  •  Any registrant who doesn’t attend the conference and has not cancelled by 10 August will not be refunded. This includes those who paid with a Token.

  • Individuals are responsible for canceling their own hotel and travel reservations. The Bridge Group, LLC nor MHSRS will be liable for hotel or travel costs for any reason.


Hotel & Travel


Are travel funds available to attend?

No, there is no central funding to attend the MHSRS. All funding is local. All speakers/speaker organizations are responsible for covering meeting costs to include travel, hotel, and registration. 


Are rental cars authorized for U.S Federal employees attending the 2024 MHSRS?
No, rental cars are not authorized. Shuttles to and from the airport and to and from overflow hotels to the Gaylord are provided.


What are the hotel room rates at the Gaylord for MHSRS 2024?

The U.S. Federal Employee/Government Per Diem (Standard Room) rate is $107/night. Federal government employees are exempt from nightly resort fee and from local and state taxes if a Florida tax exemption form is provided at hotel check-in. 

The $107/night rate applies to U.S. Federal government employees only. You must present your government CAC card, PIV card or equivalent, at the hotel registration desk for verification. This rate does NOT apply to state employees, FFRDC or ORISE personnel, or to non-U.S. military and civilian government employees. 

For all others, the rate is $249/night plus $38/night resort fee plus taxes.


All room reservations will be audited on a regular basis. Ineligible attendees booking at the government rate will be automatically switched to the standard room rate if rooms are still available. If none are available, the reservation will be cancelled.


The above rates for the MHSRS room block expire on Monday, 29 July 2024. After that the rooms will be available at the market rate.


Are overflow hotels available?

Yes, there are two 2024 MHSRS overflow hotels. Both are in Osceola County, the location of the meeting, and both will offer a $107/night room rate. The links to hotel reservations for these hotels will be available on the registration email sent to registrants after the registration fee is paid. These hotels are located across the street from one another.

  • Delta Hotels Orlando Celebration, 2900 Parkway Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34747

  • Melia Hotel Celebration, 225 Celebration Pl, Celebration, FL 34747   


Are complimentary shuttles available to and from the airport and the overflow hotels?
Yes, there will be a complimentary shuttle running from the airport to the Gaylord and the overflow hotels. All shuttles returning to the airport will depart from the Gaylord Main Transportation Lobby. In addition, there will be a daily complimentary shuttle running from the overflow hotels to the Gaylord.


Schedules will be published when available.  



Are continuing education credits (CE) available?

Our goal is to offer CE credit for abstracts accepted for an oral presentation in these categories:  physicians, nurse, and psychologists; however, the decision to offer CE credit is made by the CE provider after a manual review of all the COIs and the slide presentations. If an unmitigable conflict is identified for a particular presentation, then that talk is not approved for CE credit. If one talk in a breakout session is not approved for CE credit, then the entire session is not approved.    


A list of CE approved and not approved breakout sessions will not be available until the actual meeting and is dependent on speakers getting their slides in early.      


CEs are not offered for the poster sessions.


How do I apply for CE credits after the meeting? 

Please check back this summer for more information.



Have the abstract notifications been released? 

Yes, abstract notification letters (accepted/not accepted) were sent to the abstract submitter and the presentation author on 29 May 2024. If you have not received your 2024 abstract notification, please check your spam folder first and then contact for assistance. 


I was selected for an oral presentation at a breakout session. How do I find out the date and time of my session? 

Refer to your notification letter for the name of the breakout session under which your abstract was selected and the date and time of this session. The dates and times of all 2024 Breakout Sessions can be accessed through the homepage of MHSRS website.  


I was selected for an oral presentation at a breakout session, but I cannot attend.  Can I send a substitute presenter? 

If you were selected for an oral presentation at a breakout session or at the Scientific Plenary, yes, substitute presenters are allowed.


If you were selected for the Young Investigator Competition, no substitutions are allowed in this category. 


If you will be unable to attend and will have a substitute presenter, please:

  1. Make the change on the MHSRS website (

  2. Send an email to with your MHSRS abstract number, the new presenter’s full name, terminal degree, email, and a signed Conflict of Interest (COI) form from the new presenter (download the form here).

Do substitute presenters need to submit a COI form? 

Yes. See answer to question above. 


Is there a specific length for my oral presentation?

Yes. The standard presentation time is 15 minutes to include questions. Individual presentation times (e.g., 1300 – 1315) will be posted when all of the speaking schedules have been submitted.  

Is there a standardized slide template for oral presentations?

No, there is not a template for presentations. Please use your organizational template. The slide should be wide format (16:9). All presentations must include a Disclaimer/Conflict of Interest slide. Contact for sample, if needed.


All presentations must also include an acknowledgement slide: Only the Speaker(s)/Presenter(s) should be listed on the title slide (and those are the same speakers who would have needed to submit a COI/Disclosure form for review). Individuals who may have contributed to the overall work but NOT the individual slide deck and presentation should be listed on a separate acknowledgement/thank you slide (and therefore do not require a COI form). Before preparing and uploading your PPT slide, we highly recommend you visit the “How to Upload Your Slide Presentation” on the Sessions Guidelines page to make sure all five criteria have been met.

How do I load my slide presentation?

The portal for uploading your PPT presentation is open. Please visit the Sessions Guidelines page to make sure requirements for upload have been met and then follow the instructions on that page to upload your PPT.

All sessions receiving abstracts are considered for CE credit.  


When are my slide presentations due?

Slides for presentations selected for oral talks need to be uploaded by Friday, July 26. Presentations by email will not be accepted. Please contact with any questions.


Why is the deadline to upload slide presentations so early?

This is because the CE provider, before they will award CE credit for the session, reviews each individual slide presentation in conjunction with the presenter COI that was submitted with the abstract. For the number of slide presentations expected at the 2024 MHSRS, the CE provider needs ~4 weeks to review and request for presentation revisions, as needed. The goal is to know the CE credit status of as many of the 2024 sessions as possible before the meeting.    


In addition, the meeting support contractor needs sufficient time to que up 500 individual slide presentations by day and by speaking order for each of the 72 sessions offered in 2024.  


That said, we understand that many organizations require an extended clearance process before release of the presentation is authorized. Please submit your slide presentations as close to the 26 July deadline as possible.

Please contact with any questions.

I am the moderator of a grandfathered session that is not seeking CE credit. When are my slide presentation due? 
Slides for presentations selected for oral talks in the designated grandfathered sessions not seeking CE credit are due no later than Friday, August 16. Presentations by email will not be accepted. Please contact with any questions.

What is my responsibility for organizational clearances for my presentation? 

Attendees are responsible for obtaining all required organization clearances (e.g., Public Affairs or Operational Security) for their oral presentation slides or posters. DoD attendees: All information must be formally cleared for public disclosure.


Will there be a 2024 MHSRS Supplement to Military Medicine?

Yes. The intent to submit email to all submitters of accepted abstracts will be going out after registration opens. 


Is it possible to make edits to my accepted abstract after the notification letter is received? 

Yes, the system is open to make changes to your accepted abstract. Only the original submitter of the abstract can make these changes through their portal on the MHSRS site ( Changes include minor text changes, change of presenter, adding a disclaimer, presenter name change, and/or abstract withdrawal.


Will you be publishing the accepted abstracts on the MHSRS website?

Yes, we will publish abstracts whose authors have given us permission to publish. These can be accessed on the MHSRS website ( approximately 3-4 weeks after the notification letters are released. 


What responsibilities do I have related to submitting my final presentation, either powerpoint slides or poster?  

You are responsible for getting any required permissions from your organization to submit the research data (e.g., abstract, slide presentation). The MHSRS is not responsible for ensuring appropriate clearances are obtained for the material submitted and/or presented.  This is the responsibility of the abstract submitter.  


For researchers affiliated with DoD and other federal organizations, this permission/clearance process includes review and approval of the abstract by your Public Affairs and Operational Security Offices, and a review by your organizations Intellectual Property Law Division.  

  • Check with your Public Affairs Office to determine what clearances pertain to your organization. 

  • Some organizations require an additional level of clearance through their Foreign Disclosures Office. This is applicable when presenting at a meeting that Foreign Nationals will be attending. Contact your Operational Security Office to see if a Foreign Disclosures Clearance applies to you.

  • U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command ONLY: In addition to OPSEC and Public Affairs Office clearance, all investigators should also have the abstracts reviewed for potential Intellectual Property with the IP Law Division. Submit abstracts to for review.


For researchers affiliated with non-DoD organizations (e.g., academia and industry), your organization may not require these reviews.  

I was selected for a poster presentation. How do I find out the date and time of my session? 

Refer to your notification letter for the name of the breakout session under which your poster session was selected, which Poster Session (1, 2, or 3) it will be presented at, and the date and time of that poster session. The list of breakout session topics per poster session can be accessed through the homepage of the MHSRS website. Poster board numbers are not available at this time.  


I was selected for a poster presentation. Do I need to register? Is there a discount?

Yes, you need to register and pay the published fee. There is no discount for poster presenters or students. 


What size should my poster be? 

The maximum poster size is 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide. There is no standard template for the posters, but they should be structured as Introduction, Materials and Materials, Results, Discussion and Conclusion. Please note: Poster presenters must bring their poster with them. The organizers will not print out posters. 

I have multiple posters in the same poster topic area. Can my posters be placed side by side? 

Placement of posters by the same author in a particular topic area (e.g., Prolonged Care) is done as part of the quality control review before the poster board numbers are assigned. For any other request concerning multiple posters by the same author, we do our best to accommodate but make no promises.

Can I place a QR code on my poster for readers to find additional information on the research?

Yes, QR codes are permitted.

How do I upload the .pdf of my poster?

Sign into your account on the MHSRS website ( To upload your poster presentation, click the "Upload Presentation" button in the Actions column of the My Abstract Entries table.

Poster .pdfs can be uploaded at any time up to the start of the meeting on 26 August. If the poster judges designate a poster as eligible for an award, a .pdf of the poster must be available for review, or the poster will be disqualified from consideration.


When do I need to load my poster by?

Load your poster in .pdf format through your account on the MHSRS website before you leave for the 2024 meeting. Your account on the MHSRS website is the same account that you initially submitted your abstract. After you upload your pdf, please check the upload to ensure that it is not corrupted.

Can I ship my poster to the Gaylord?

Yes, but the hotel charges a fee to pick it up. The meeting organizers will not pick up your poster for you. 


The address is:

(Guest Name)

(Arrival Date)

Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center

6000 W Osceola Pkwy

Kissimmee, FL 34746


Please review the attire guidelines here.



How do I become an exhibitor at the 2024 MHSRS?

In order to exhibit at the 2024 MHSRS, you must first complete an exhibit space application. After the application is reviewed, the sales team will contact you to sign a contract for your booth space for the size desired. When assigning booth locations, the sales team gives priority to being a past exhibitor and the date the contract was signed. After the contract is signed and the invoice paid, register your exhibit personnel individually once registration opens. Note: The link to register for a hotel room is provided when registration is complete.  

What are the MHSRS exhibit booth rates for 2024? 

The basic booth size is 10 ft by 10 ft. Symposium registration fees are not included the rates below.


Federal Government/Military: $4,175/10' x 10' 

Non-Federal Government/Industry: $4,375/10' x 10' 


What is included in the exhibit booth fees? 

Fees includes carpet, 8’ backwall drape, 3’ side-rail drape, 6’ skirted table, two chairs, and a booth ID sign. Exhibit fees do NOT include registration fees, freight handling, electrical service, and other ancillary booth services.


Are booth personnel registration fees included in the exhibit booth fees? 

NEW FOR 2024! To offer more flexibility to our exhibitors, we are no longer including registrations as part of the booth fees. All booth personnel will need to register and pay individually via the registration website to access the exhibit hall and/or symposium activities. Registration fees are: 

  • Federal government: $450/full symposium ($300/one day)

  • All others: $750/full symposium ($450/one day)


How do I register for my exhibitor badge and hotel room? 

All exhibitors must register online for the 2024 MHSRS. More information and a link to online registration can be found on the Registration & Lodging page.


Exhibitor badges are not included with your exhibit space so every person must register and pay the appropriate published fee. There will be a place on the online form to indicate your need for a badge that will allow you on the exhibit floor when it’s not open to general attendees.


You cannot reserve a hotel room until you register and pay for your badge. The link to hotel reservations will be included in your registration confirmation. Please note: hotels fill up very quickly, so plan to register as soon as it opens for the best availability.

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